10 Reasons Why Sikkim Is A “Must-Visit” In Your Next Vacation Time


10 Reasons Why Sikkim Is A “Must-Visit” In Your Next Vacation Time

Planning a trip? If you are looking to immerse yourself in nature, ancient Buddhist

culture and stunning picturesque mountains but still want to be entertained with casinos, partake of mouth-     watering food, party away the chill, get your adrenaline going with adventure sports then Sikkim is your choice.These are 10 reasons to convince you that now is the perfect time to visit this ‘Playground In The Clouds’;     some reasons will be what you would expect but some may surprise you:

1. Every season is a good season to visit Sikkim

Bordered by Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan, Sikkim is part of the mystical eastern Himalayas featuring beautiful

landscape, icluding the “Kanchenjunga” the highest peak in India and the third highest in the world.

Sikkim’s natural portfolios includes a variety of flora with thousands of wildflower varieties,alpine meadows and

breathtaking glaciers which without a doubt makes Sikkim an enchanting state. What makes it truly special is

that every season is a good time to visit; any time of the year.

.Winter Wonderland: Winter in Sikkim starts in November and ends in March,you will love the clear skies, icy-  cold weather with snowy mountain peaks and frozen lakes. Frosty beauty at its best.

.Cool Summer Break : Looking to take a break from the heat? If so, head for Sikkim this summer. In April and     May, the snow thaws while the frozen rivers and lakes flow once again. This is when nature bursts with pride and        decorates Sikkim with full-blooming flowers from Azaleas,Orchids and Rhododendrons. Plus, summer is       festival time in  Sikkim.

. Romantic Rainy Season : Everybody loves the monsoons and there is no place more romantic than Sikkim      monsoons which arrives in May and ends in the first week of October. Foggy mountains and forests, waterfalls in      full force, speedy clouds, thunderstorm, lush green landscapes; perfect mood setting for couples looking to cosy      up.

2.Finding peace within: Monasteries

Monasteries all across Sikkim gives it a divine aura to the place with its majestic and fine architecture,     historically driving the cultural  heritage and lifestyle of the Sikkimese people.

Sikkim houses over 200 Budhist monasteries , some of the most popular being Rumtek, Tashiding, Enchey  Gompa, Permayangtse and Phensang , most belonging to the Nyingma and Kagyu order.

The Most Liked Monasteries:

Rumtek Monastery, one of the largest and most well-known monasteries for its architecture, belongs to the

Kagyu sect. It is a bit of a steep walk of half a kilometre  from the gate to the monastery  The monastery is located    23 km from Gangtok in Rumtek.

Tashiding Monastery, means “The Devoted Central Glory”. Legend has it that Guru Padmasmbhava, the great Buddhist saint who consecrated Sikkim in the 8th century, shot an arrow in the air and meditated where the      arrow landed, the site later became the home of Tashiding Monastery.

Located in Western Sikkim, on top  of the hill rising between the Rathong Chu and the Rangeet River, the monastery has a stunning view of Mount Kanchenjunga.

Enchey Gompa, the “Solitary Monastery” is where Guru Padmasambhava  subdued the spirits of      Khangchendzonga, Yabdean and Mahakala and it is believed that these powerful protecting deities reside here,     protecting and granting the wishes of their devotes. The monastery is located on top of a hill above the Gangtok city on Nathula road.

Permayangtse Monastery, “Perfect Sublime Lotus” is the  second oldest monasteries and leads the other  monasteries in the Nyingma order.  “Pure monks” or “ta-tshang “ (monks of pure Tibetan lineage) reside

at Permayangtse monastery, who are celibate and without any physical abnormalities.  Monks  from this monastery are distinquished by their red hats and all are chosen from the Bhutias of Sikkim.

Permayangtse is the most known monastery in western Sikkim, located 2 km from Pelling.

Dubdi or YuksomMonastery, “The Retreat”, the oldest monastery in Sikkim,closely linked to    the founding of the state, is a monastery of the Nyingma sect of the Tibetan buddism. Also known as the “Hermit’s    Cell”, the monastery is an hour’s walk from Yuksom through a thick chestnut forest to reach the hilltop location.

3. Lose Yourself  In the Right Direction, Explore Attractions & Tours

If you are looking to experience a deeper sense of tranquility and growth, take a trip or let the trip    take you. Sikkim is the gateway of India’s northeastern corridor and not only does it boasts     enchanting beauty but it also offers different stunning places to explore.

The Most Liked Places:

We recommend you to visit and  explore the scenic beauty of Yuksom, Tsomgo Lake, Nathula Pass, Pelling     (captivating Himalayan range) Lachung, Namchi.

Yuksom: Yuksom is a small charming village and hill station in the Western region of Sikkim, known for its natural beauty.

The village provides access to the base camp of Mount Kanchenjunga and the starting point of many scenic treks and


Tsomgo Lake: The lake is visually ethereal and mythical at the same time. Legend has it that Buddhists would forecast the

future from observing the lake, making this lake sacred for the Sikkimese.

The surrounding lush green areas and the colour changing lake is a major attraction with tourists.

Nathula Pass: Located on the crossroads of the Indo-China border, Nathula Pass used to be connected with the old Silk

road. Reopened in 2006, the Nathula Pass serves as one of the three open trading border posts between India and China.

Pelling : A small hill town in the western part of Sikkim, located at a height of over 7,000, Pelling is where the

Kanchenjunga range is directly visible. From exploring monasteries, ruins lakes and waterfalls, there is always something

to do in Pelling.

Lachung: Lachung “Small Mountain” is a town and hill station, located at an elevation of 9,600 feet in northeast

Sikkim. Expect to see snow-covered Himalayan peaks, streams, waterfalls, apple, peaches and apricot orchards. Lachung

is the preferred base from which to visit Yumthang Valley,Sikkim Valley of Flowers sanctuary.

Namchi : “Top of the sky”, 78 kilometres from Gangtok in the Southern District, Namchi offers a picturesque location from

where you can observe the Khangchenzonga and the Rangit Valley. Nearby, the highest statue of Guru Padamasambhava

is installed at Samdruptse, standing at 135 feet high.

The Most Reputed Attraction Tour Operators:

. Yak and Yeti Travels & Expeditions is a leading name in the industry of tourism in Sikkim

. Sikkim Peak Tours & Travel, a home-grown Sikkim trekking company

. Tsozum Tours, tours, treks Buddhist Circuits

4. Adventures Unlimited & Uplifting Adventure Sports

Sikkim is  a perfect destination for people to search for adventure. The region has been blessed with an

incredibly beautiful landscape that is ideal for all kinds of adventure activities. You can participate in a whole variety of

activities ranging from mountain biking and enjoying best trekking trails, along with canoeing, kayaking, hang gliding,

mountaineering and river rafting.

The Most Reputed Adventure Tour Operators:

Backpackers Tours & Travels: specialises in trekking and adventure tours.

Sikkim Paragliding: offers the best paragliding pilots in India

Get Set Go : Specialises  in all adventure sports and tours

5.Home In the Clouds: Diversified Hotel Experiences

There are a huge number of hotels in Sikkim, each offering unique features and facilities. The type of hotel you choose can

define what sort of holiday you have.Sikkim’s hotel and stay choices range from luxury, boutique, budget, with scenic

views, with spas, with casinos, convenient locations, cottages, aparthotels to hotels near attractions and many more.

                                                         see more  (directs to hotel experience blog)

The Most Reputed Hotels

Mayfair Spa Resort & Casino : ranks as one of the best hotels in Sikkim  with luxury accommodation available in various

categories from lavish villas to spacious family rooms.


Orange Village Resort: is a luxury resort in the outskirts of Gangtok city in Sikkim. Luxury in nature.

Norling Resort & Spa: Situated in the Rongey area that is 15 minutes drive away from MG road, nestled in the hills, the

hotel is a sublime and enriching experience.

6. Food Peak, Culinary Upbeats: Wide Array Of Restaurant Choices

Sikkim has hundreds of restaurants to satisfy even the most ardent foodie’s tastebuds. Momos and thukpas are great

but a big part of your holiday is a culinary experience that is mouthwatering and diverse. Fortunately, you will be spoiled for

choices in Sikkim and a wide array of restaurant selections are available in terms of cuisines (both local and international),

ambiance, entertainment, spectacular views and budget.

                                             See More ( link to restaurants blog and restaurants in hotels blogs)

The Most Reputed Restaurants:

The Coffee Shop: The best of Italian, modern and cosy, located on MG Marg, Gangtok.

Taste of Tibet: Located on MG Road, the best momos and Tibetan cuisine


7. On top With Coffee & Tea: Cafes & Coffeeshops

There’s nothing like having a cup of hot coffee or tea with freshly baked pastries to take a break from your

sightseeing or adventure tours in Sikkim for that ultimate hill station feel.


The Most Reputed Cafes:

Baker’s Cafe: One of the oldest and most popular cafe for coffee and snacks of cakes, pastries and patties. Located

centrally in MG Marg, Gangtok.

Cafe Fiction: Cosy up with a book and a hot cup of coffee at Cafe Fiction. Located below Rachna Books, Jeewan

Theeng Marg, Gangtok.

The Local Cafe : Known for its high quality baked products, flavoured with locally grown ingredients

8. Not Only Our Weather Is cool : Pubs & Bars

You can chill, drink, listen to music and socialise  in some of the coolest pubs and bars in Sikkim.

Low taxes on alcohol in Sikkim means that you can have a good time in bars and pubs at affordable prices.

The Most Reputed Pubs & Bars:

Pub 25: Pub with a British style ambiance offerring an impressive liquor menu along with an amazing food menu.

Located on MG road, Gangtok.

Dj’s Downtown Restro Bar: Great place to chill and if you like karaoke then you are in luck! A balcony overlooking

MG Marg if you just want to enjoy your drink in an outdoor feel.

Gangtok Groove: A well decorated bar with an outside balcony space, Gangtok Groove provided live band entertainment

on an awesome sound system and serves good food

9. Groove Up : NightLife

If you thought Gangtok was a sleepy hill station town, then you would be amazed when you witness the capital

city’s nightlife. Gangtok has a vibrant nightlife and there are several hotspots where all partyholics converge.

The Most Reputed Nightlife Venues:

Cafe Live & Loud: Known as a live music club, Cafe Live & Loud is the most popular hangout for live gigs, chilling

out and dancing. Located on Tibet Road, Gangtok

X’cape: If you are young or young at heart head to the most popular nightclub in Gangtok, X’cape, with its great dance floor

and music. Located on Baluakhani Road, Sungava, Gangtok.

After Dark: A nightclub best enjoyed with a group of friends for scintillating DJ music and extensive liquor menu.

Located on Paljor Stadium Road.

10. Where Players Win Higher: Casinos

Touted as the Las Vegas of India, Sikkim has an added edge as a Himalayan holiday destination with casinoes.

Sikkim is India’s only state to have casinos and legalized gambling onshore or land-based as opposed to Goa’s

casinos which need to be off the cost on ships and in the sea.

The combination of cool mountain environment and casinos takes “high” to a new level!

The Most Reputed Casinos

Casino Mahjong : Housed in the posh

Mayfair hotel, think gambling, entertainment and glamorous ambiance

and you will be on the right track. Located at Mayfair Spa Resort & Casino, Gangtok East Sikkim

Casino Deltin Denzong: Offering a gaming room with 169 gaming positions and a selection of live tables, the atmosphere

at Casino Deltin Denzong is electric. Live table games include Blackjack, Baccarat, Indian Flush, Casino War and Money

Wheel. Located at Hotel Denzong Regency, Gangtok

Casino Sikkim : The first land based live casino in the country housed at the Royal Plaza, a luxury hotel located

above a river valley with a picturesque view of paddy fields and snow capped mountains. Gaming includes Roulette,

Baccarat, Flush, Blackjack and electronic slot machine. Located at The Royal Plaza, Gangtok

With so many compelling reasons to visit, go ahead and  book your trip to your ‘Playground in the clouds’ Sikkim now, you will want to return for more!

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